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Home sweet home.
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Fuck it. Killer robots weren't enough? There had to be demons and magic. Demons. And magic. Does this not sound weird to anyone else?

I'll go practice disbelief in front of a mirror.


Feb. 24th, 2004 09:46 pm
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What. The. Hell.

Room where?
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Bored now.

Amused now. Trying to make Sarah juggle things while standing on one foot.

Bored again. Channel surfing. What's with the bloody telly?
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Out of curiosity, what would happen to all of us if one of these attacks here succeeded? I mean, if we were caught?

Now, in a blatant attempt to ignore homework and whatever that might try to kill us next, I'll go and decorate the boiler room with blue Christmas lights. Then I'll admire Sarah's horns for a while, wonder yet again what Clarice is doing in our room, and visit the medlab.

Life is so interesting it kills me.
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Advanced Psionics. There's no place like home.
Music. Can you teach me to sing this time, Blaire?
Defensive and Combat Driving. Hey, it's fun to try and learn to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Beginning Self Defence. I think I've taken this one a few times now.
Mythology. It's better than Harry Potter.
Psychology. I like purple.
Computer Science. I've always wanted to learn to use Linux.
World Literature. What do you think I do all night when I can't be arsed to sleep?
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What. Avoidance is a brilliant way to deal with things.

And when you're done avoiding you can always come back to your boiler room and have your arse kicked in Dead or Alive by a little kid. Yes, Artie, I'm talking about you. Yes, I know the female characters in it jiggle a lot without any helpful pictures from you.

Oh, school. That seems to be the thing to whinge about right now. I'm not going to bother. It's just books and homework, at least they're not going to try and kill you. Although I'm not so sure about the teachers.
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Next step: sound proofing in the basement.

Wonder if there's any chance Auntie Emma would take us to a real Christmas party or if we have to find one ourselves.

Happy consumer holiday.
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It's not a very reassuring thought there's a mutant who acts like a hammer to my head. The whole 'relaxing' part of this trip has vanished with that kid. As has my right to say if I want my nails painted or not. I'm afraid what would've happened if I'd been unconscious longer yesterday, I'd probably ended up waking up wearing a pink dress and matching earrings.

I'm sure Dane would've been overjoyed.

Now all I have to do is avoid the little leech, which means going out to be swarmed by the other kids, while Blaire stomps around being angry. Fuck. Someone come get me away from here. I miss the basement.
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The shovel has proved to be a useful tool. First I used it to build a sandcastle, then I used to it to chase away some kids who thought I wanted to play. Who said this beach was private? It isn't.

This is probably the world's worst moment to realize it's almost Christmas and I miss my family.
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Join the swelling ranks of the mutants. You get to travel.

At least I never have to worry about forgetting my toothbrush again. Instead I have a shovel. One I'm apparently not getting rid of. I suppose if I throw it into the sea, I'll find it under my pillow the next morning.

Brilliant. Wonderful. What are we doing here?

My God

Dec. 4th, 2003 10:00 am
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Oh boy, Blaire, a shovel? It's like getting a new bike.
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Public Service Announcement:

Life sucks. All of you just might not know it yet.

So stop being so jolly. Bloody buggering fuck.

I don't know who just went by humming Jingle Bells while I was trying to play, and if it happens again I refuse to hold myself responsible for whatever I might do. It's not even December yet. No amount of snow will change that.
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Would you people just shut up.

I can't think with all of you going on like that.
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I have seen too much of these robots already. You keep saying there should be peace and acceptance. HOW THE FUCK IS THERE GOING TO BE ANYTHING WHEN WE HAVE BLOODY BIG ROBOTS AFTER US.

And they took Emma. Bloody fucking HELL.
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I have blown up three rooms. First one with Piotr, second one with Alison, and now with Paige. Aren't I just lucky they all could defend themselves.

Who wants to be next?


Oct. 4th, 2003 03:07 am
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I crave food. Any food. Do you know what's it like to want to eat and not being able to? To remember somewhere in your brain what apples and chicken and chocolate taste like? And just not... there's no way...

I haven't eaten since May.


Sep. 12th, 2003 08:30 pm
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Pete, I think I owe you something.

Of life

Sep. 10th, 2003 02:24 am
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Can you say absurd?

You think you have a perfectly normal life and then you find out that no, you don't. You're in fact a mutant. Sure. Smashing. So you think that ok, not normal, will try to live on anyway. Then suddenly there are huge robots designed to kill you just because you're a mutant. Don't these things only happen in comics and movies? You try to cope. Then older mutants, who apparently know better, pat you on the shoulder and want you to write essays and attend school. And you think, will there be a Self-Defence Against Killer Robots class?

I can say absurd.
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Your typical freak weekend. Weapons of mass destruction and a party afterwards. Which are always interesting. Even if the dresscode was a bit odd. Maybe it was a theme party.
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