xp_chamber: (fade to black.)
Jonothon Starsmore ([personal profile] xp_chamber) wrote2004-06-15 10:06 am


Two goals in two minutes, that's just ridiculous.

Since when does France get to win when it comes to football?

I don't know, maybe you were expecting me to say something deep and meaningful? It's been over a year that I've spent here now, but time flies when you're having fun, isn't that so?

At any rate, I've been writing something, to play with the band, but I don't know if anyone's actually interested in that. It's sort of experimental still.

And I'm sorry for what I said in Dayspring's journal a while back. All I meant was that to my experience mutants don't seem to live very long or very happily. What sort of examples do we have?

Current music choice is all Clarice's fault.

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